Currently Using :

Current Desktop Fav : Mint 8.04.
Lenovo Laptop Y400:Ubuntu 8.04-hardy , with kernel 2.6.24-19.

Popular/ Used Apps on laptop:

  • firefox 3.0 (what else?) / Liferea / Twitux / Gimp / gramps/ pidgin/ Evolution/clive
  • LAMP installed.
  • Unhappy 😦 – Metratrader is so slow under WINE  / Marketiva GStreamer cannot work directly or under WINE. ( for forex )

Server :P4 Intel with 1G DDRAM;Slackware 11.x ; kernel 2.6.x

  • Installed with LAMP:

Used Apps (Web Based) :

  • E-groupware 1.2 /SugarCRM/ATS(self-developed) / Int-works  ( Self-developed) / mini-account (self-developed)

Notes from here

Cut Video with FFMPEG

Here is a quick command that you can use to cut a piece of video with FFMPEG.

ffmpeg -sameq -ss [start_seconds] -t [duration_seconds] -i [input_file] [outputfile]

-ss position .

Seek to given time position in seconds. “hh:mm:ss[.xxx]” syntax is also supported.

-t duration

Set the recording time in seconds. “hh:mm:ss[.xxx]” syntax is also supported.

-i filename

input filename


Use same video quality as source (implies VBR).

Cut unnecessary scene for your kids :

eg : to cut video at scene : time: 41.20 .00 to 43.30.00

sample command : [will be update]


CakePHP ; when to use to use SINGULAR or PLURAL – ‘the S’ trauma for non-English speaker.

Now note this :: (not 100% perfect. Just my quick sketch and will be reviewed constantly)

database can be flexible – with or without S
table – table name must be in plural – (with S)
field – shouldn’t be with S , and must be in lowercase

/app/models .

most things in models DONT use S .

mytable.php – script sample ;

class Mytable extends AppModel
var $name = “Mytable”;
var $uses = “mytables” // table name

besides the S trauma , check also the UPPERCASE use infront of table name , eg : Mytable


most things in controllers USE S .

mytables_controller.php ,sample script

class MytablesController extends AppController
var $name = ‘Mytables’;
var $scaffold; // use scaffold to auto generate page views

This is the basic script how you can crash into CAKEPHP using ‘scaffolding’.

Point your browser to http://localhost/cake/mytables/ to add/view or delete your data

Hope this help.

Virtualbox ROX !

It just fullfill my Needs!

TinyXP for METATRADER apps.

Now I can work on my LINUX machine , while sneaking at my chart once a while. SUPERB!

I have tried MT under WINE and VMware , but cannot stand the ‘drag’.

Virtualbox definitely solve my long hunt.

Thanks to Monsoon-X for VBOX introduction and hardy-web for that ‘tiny’ CD.

Thanks to SUN as well.



There are several ways you can download your favourite youtube videos nowdays .

Besides using firefox plugins , clive , or downloading from web service , we can also use youtube-dl.

This is a very tiny , easy to handle , terminal application script , which can be used to download you fav videos.

I wont’ describe how to install youtube-dl here. But for debian derived linux , a quick apt-get will do.

Quick Tips of using youtube-dl


this command will download your video in your current directory. Somehow it will be renamed such BVFMDKID.flv.

In order to put proper name to your file , you can use -o option , eg :

$youtube-dl -o cf101_8_21.flv

This will give a readable and appropriate name to your file .

Hope this quick tips help.

Sypmtom : By DEFAULT config, a user can access other user’s home directory , and accessing all their files.

Im not quite sure , this is mint or kernel issue.

For example , these 2 users can access each other files easily . Definitely , this is not a feature.


Easy quick fix using chmod command .

switch user to superuser :

password :

and enter your root password. Next, your home directory mod, by not allowing ALL user accessing that folder.

#chmod a-wrx /home/username

then swith user to username

and , again

#chmod u+wrx /home/username

Now only valid user can access his true home directory.

Hope this help.

Good things in Mint8.

  • Great friendly font
  • Workable skype
  • Other deb package availiable. Just do your regular apt-get!
  • Several times I tried to setup Skype on my Ubuntu machine. Some how the results was so upset. I lost in pulse-audio config , until my default config , has been smashed badly.

    Now, since I have adual boot system , Ubuntu and Mint , I’ll explain here how I successfully setting up Skype , with audio in/out on Mint 8.

    fist thing first, what ever your hardware is , as long as Mint detected it , please change to DUPLEX mode.
    This can be done under , CONTROL CENTER> SOUND>HARDWARE.

    Next , check you MIC channel. It should be enabled and NOT in MUTE mode. Double check this condition. Adjust your volume as needed.

    Finally , under SKYPE>OPTIONS>SOUND DEVICES> , do the ‘TEST CALL’ . My setting is as above ,and I’m using pulseaudio as my microphone/speakers and ringing device.

    Change this setting , if you have other options other than pulseaudio , until your mic and speaker work correctly.

    Hope this can help , as I found a lot of question asked in forums regarding skype issue.

    Drop a line if this article helps , or other questions are welcome.

    **No video config at this moment.

    Laptop specification over here :

    Simple tips . I need to paste it here since I tend to forget which file should I touch to re-enable this sound. I m slowly migrating from Ubuntu to Mint as my desktop.

    Keyboard layout is USD. Ubuntu 8.04 did not detect the layout , but Mint 8 detected it soundly.

    The most important is my Wifi detected at once.

    sound type ; from -> lspci -v

    00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)
    Subsystem: COMPAL Electronics Inc Unknown device 0012
    Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 21
    Memory at d4340000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=16K]
    Capabilities: [50] Power Management version 2
    Capabilities: [60] Message Signalled Interrupts: Mask- 64bit+ Queue=0/0 Enable-
    Capabilities: [70] Express Unknown type IRQ 0

    symptom :

    basically kernel know this audio type and have installed appropriate driver.
    Somehow you cannot hear any sound at all.

    Some are giving tips to re-compile the alsa driver. But I found out this tip works , without re-compiling.

    Add in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base

    options snd-hda-intel model=laptop-eapd

    reboot the system , and clean your hand.

    Your friends send you some photos of 3072×2304 pixels in size. You need to upload this file back to group photos.

    That big size of pictures will take some time to upload. So , I need to resize those pictures.

    Think GIMP.

    20 pictures ? 1 by 1 resizing ? No .. I’m too lazy for that type of job.

    Come squash to rescue . Squash is multiplatform application to resize all pictures instantly. Just pick your pictures, set your resize percentage and set your resize pics folder.

    Click on resize images button then in seconds , its all done.

    Now ready to upload those pics , again.


    Original Source  Here

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 23(Bernama) — The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (Mampu) expects all government agencies to implement open source software (OSS) by end of next year.

    To date, 462 agencies from a total of 720 agencies have implemented OSS, which managed to provide a savings of more than RM47 million, said Mampu deputy director of ICT (information and communications technology) policy and planning division, Tan King Ing.

    “We had utilised the OSS development model for rapid development of product at a lower cost by building upon existing solutions,” she said at a media briefing here today.


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